[wingide-users] Auto complete t(w|o)o

Wolfram Kriesing wolfram.kriesing at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 05:44:22 EDT 2005

There was an auto-complete question yesterday, that one might be
similar, but I think extending this topic a bit is worth it.
I dont know if templates already allow for that, but what I want is
auto-completion for self-defined words, such as

 * I write "def" the autocomplete shows now two "def"s one the default
for the function and the other one with e.g. a little comment behind
"def - my def" and when I use mine, it builds the entire
function-header including doc-comment etc.
 * i open an empty file and start typing the header comment starting
with the three apostophes: """
and the auto complete offers me to create the entire header, including
the svn-tags such as $Id$ and may be also __version__ = "$Rev$", just
as I define it to do.

Is that already possible?



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