[wingide-users] Wing not seeing second remote debug process ...

Dan Cook onedsc at sonic.net
Wed Oct 5 18:02:16 EDT 2005

Ok I admit this is a little weird, but ...

We have python processes executing serially in a bash script.
They both import the wing debug code (wingdbstub) on startup.
The first process connects to the IDE and exits as normal (no problem here).
Wing quickly connects to the remote process and then the remote process
dies, disconnects. (again no problem).
The second python process then starts up, but the IDE never sees it - no
breakpoints are hit, etc.  

I have reproduced the following conditions:
If a breakpoint is set in both programs Wing sees the first one, but not the
If a breakpoint is set in the second and not the first Wing does not see the


Simple python scripts to reproduce:
import wingdbstub
print "hello from Process 1"
print "We are the Knights who say Ni"

import wingdbstub
print "hello from Process 2"
print "Message for you sir! AAhhhhhh."

Simple bash script:
python Hello.py
python Hello1.py

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