[wingide-users] Source/Object browser losng sync with code

Hugh Gibson hgibson at cix.co.uk
Tue Nov 29 00:05:00 EST 2005

> > However, after doing this my Wing IDE installation became confused 
> > about which version of Python to use. It complained about usage of 
> > "set" and function decorators, which are present in Python 2.4.1 that 
> > should have been used.
> Was the debugger using the incorrect version of Python or was there 
> something else wrong?  

It was using a version of Python which wasn't 2.4 as "set" and 
@staticmethod failed. I've got other versions installed, but they aren't 
on the path. I couldn't determine which version was being used because a 
print sys.version wouldn't execute (it couldn't load the modules).

I've just tried again and this time my program runs OK. If I see it again 
I will write a one-line app that just prints sys.version.

> Are you explicitly specifying the python 
> executable to use or are you using the "default python" option?

Default is specified. 


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