[wingide-users] OT: Win executable problem

Markus Meyer meyer at mesw.de
Mon Nov 28 14:27:32 EST 2005


you might be better off asking on the Py2Exe list regarding this 
problem. Anyway, it might be a problem with special chars in path or 
file names (e.g. spaces or umlauts). Does it work when you say to Py2Exe 
you want to put everything into the executable (use "zipfile=None")?


Charles Hartman schrieb:

>I know this is O.T. but I'm confused about where to turn. I have an  
>app that runs fine in OSX (10.4, probably also 10.3). It runs fine  
>inside the WingIDE on both OSX and WinXP. But I can't get my WinXP  
>executable to run.
>My setup.py (both the Mac and the Win version) is very much the same  
>as the one I used for another app that runs fine on both platforms.  
>On Windows I'm using py2exe and InnoSetup.
>The error message I get in the log file indicates that the executable  
>is not finding stuff in the lib.zip file -- which, after  
>installation, is right there inside the same folder in which the .exe  
>file is sitting.
>I'm sure I'm forgetting something very, very simple; but I hardly  
>ever work on Windows except to build final executables. Any hints  
>welcome; I'm glad to do the research but I'm baffled about where to  
>Charles Hartman
>On Nov 28, 2005, at 7:00 AM, Hugh Gibson wrote:
>>>Attached is an updated script that attaches itself to the editor
>>>context (right-click) menu and makes itself available only if the  
>>>is a Python file.  Attaching a script to the bottom of the Source  
>>>is not currently supported.
>>I put this in place and it seemed to work OK.
>>However, after doing this my Wing IDE installation became confused  
>>which version of Python to use. It complained about usage of "set" and
>>function decorators, which are present in Python 2.4.1 that should  
>>been used.
>>Is there something in there which causes the debugger to use the  
>>version of Python?
>>Wing IDE users list
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