[wingide-users] OT: Win executable problem

Charles Hartman charles.hartman at conncoll.edu
Mon Nov 28 13:09:58 EST 2005

I know this is O.T. but I'm confused about where to turn. I have an  
app that runs fine in OSX (10.4, probably also 10.3). It runs fine  
inside the WingIDE on both OSX and WinXP. But I can't get my WinXP  
executable to run.

My setup.py (both the Mac and the Win version) is very much the same  
as the one I used for another app that runs fine on both platforms.  
On Windows I'm using py2exe and InnoSetup.

The error message I get in the log file indicates that the executable  
is not finding stuff in the lib.zip file -- which, after  
installation, is right there inside the same folder in which the .exe  
file is sitting.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something very, very simple; but I hardly  
ever work on Windows except to build final executables. Any hints  
welcome; I'm glad to do the research but I'm baffled about where to  

Charles Hartman

On Nov 28, 2005, at 7:00 AM, Hugh Gibson wrote:

>> Attached is an updated script that attaches itself to the editor
>> context (right-click) menu and makes itself available only if the  
>> file
>> is a Python file.  Attaching a script to the bottom of the Source  
>> menu
>> is not currently supported.
> I put this in place and it seemed to work OK.
> However, after doing this my Wing IDE installation became confused  
> about
> which version of Python to use. It complained about usage of "set" and
> function decorators, which are present in Python 2.4.1 that should  
> have
> been used.
> Is there something in there which causes the debugger to use the  
> internal
> version of Python?
> Hugh
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