[wingide-users] Source/Object browser losng sync with code

Russell Warren rwarren at picarro.com
Wed Nov 16 11:24:12 EST 2005

I just made a somewhat fluke discovery that appears to have fixed at least two of the files where I have this problem.  I copied all the text from the offending file in Wing over to a simple text editor, then copied it back to Wing over top of my (already selected) old code.  Voila - problem gone.

Looks like you've got some speed optimizations in the Source browser trying to analyze code deltas rather than always analyzing the whole file, but the tricky code has a glitch that feeds forward.  It also seems the glitch carries through when you restart Wing!  Is Source Browser info kept in the project file??

I'm happy I can easily clear it up now, anyway...


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> > 3. The object def I want to find is not available in either the
> >    top combos or the source browser, even though it is definitely
> >    there and working fine

I have also found that the source browser misses objects sometimes. Only in
larger source files and maybe only classes - functions not missed?


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