[wingide-users] Source/Object browser losng sync with code

Russell Warren rwarren at picarro.com
Tue Nov 15 18:01:28 EST 2005

I've been having a very annoying problem for quite some time and have kept quiet about it because I haven't a clue how to replicate it... I can't take it any longer though, so prepare for a vague bug report!

I often find that the Wing source analyzer quite frequently gets messed up.  The symptoms of this are some combo of the following:

 1. Choosing an object and/or method (sub-object?) from the top
    left combo(s) does not put me at the correct source location
 2. Choosing an object from the source browser does not get me
    to the correct source location
 3. The object def I want to find is not available in either the
    top combos or the source browser, even though it is definitely
    there and working fine

This has been a funny one because it seems that the top combos and the source browser are not always in sync.  I distinctly remember (I think! ;) some cases where the Source Browser got me to the right spot but the combos couldn't.

Other tidbits of info to try and narrow this down:
 - when it knows the object name but misses the location it usually
   gets somehwere _near_ the right spot, but I need to search up or
   down a bit.  Unsure if it is always off in one direction.
 - It seems that code near the top of the file is found fine, and
   code near the bottom gets progressively more screwed up.  This
   makes me think you've got a reference position getting more
   and more messed as you scan the file.
 - It seems to only happen on large'ish files (500+ lines), but this
   could be totally wrong since I may only use this feature on large
   files where thefeature is more of a help finding the code I need.
 - The case where an object is not even listed in eitehr location is
   more rare than just being in the wrong location.  I've only seen
   the missed objects recently with > 1000 lines and the new Wing.
 - Shutting Wing down and restarting doesn't work.  Or at least not
   all the time... not with my current problem anyway (which in a
   random case I just checked puts me 23 lines above where I should
   be in the code)
 - I have 15 tabs open right now (and often have this many)
 - I'm running WinXP and Wing 2.0.4-1

Sorry I can't be more specific on how to trigger this.  If I could be more specific, I'd stop doing it!

This has been a continual annoyance for me for a long time.  It happens so often that my mind is branding this as "just one of those Wing quirks" that I need to deal with.  I've finally broken though and I can't take it anymore now that I have a few files with > 1000 lines and the progressive offset error makes it much harder to find what I really want.  Due to this problem, Ctrl-U is my best friend for searching the local file for what I need.


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