[wingide-users] Greek accented characters

Nick Tzanos corelon at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 09:35:52 EST 2005


I sent this message quite a while ago, and I was told that greek accented
characters are going to be supported with a new version of Wing. Actually
searching through the web I saw that the problem is not with Wing, but with
the GTK toolkit.

The problem is that although accented characters can be displayed there is
no way to write them.
The only way to do that is id you actually copy-paste it from another text

I also saw that there is a workaround on linux, by using X-Input-Method (or
so I think it is called), but as I am using WinXP there is no similar
feature that I am aware of.

Does anyone have any information as to when this accented-character problem
is going to be solved?


Nick Tzanos
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