[wingide-users] per-project indentation size

Markus Meyer meyer at mesw.de
Sun Nov 6 15:59:02 EST 2005

Wingware Support schrieb:

>Stan Pinte wrote:
>>I can't figure out how to specify a different indentation size for a
>>project (rather than using the default indentation size, defined in
>Currently, indentation size is a global preference and there isn't any 
>way to set it on a per-project basis.
That would be quite useful. E.g., I use 4 tab indentation size for my 
projects (because I'm used to it from the C++ world), but when I hack on 
free software projects, they often use smaller tab sizes.

On the other hand, for existing files, Wing automatically seems to find 
out the correct tab size when I open the file, so the problem really 
only exists when creating new files.


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