[wingide-users] Re-enabling save prompting before execution?

Russell Warren rwarren at picarro.com
Thu Nov 3 17:13:02 EST 2005

I "momentarily" disabled save prompting before a particular debugging session (I was working on one file and didn't want to save the others) on the assumption that it would be easy for me to reenable the prompt-to-save-modified-files-before-execution feature.  Now I can't figure out how to turn the prompting back on!!

How do you do this?  I can find the option for auto-saving automatically in the debugger preferences, but this is not what I want.  I want the prompting back.

I'm a bit worried this will be painfully obvious when you tell me, but I've looked long enough for it that I figured I'd ask...


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Tom Stambaugh wrote:
> It is truly annoying that the debugger won't show a variable who's value is 
> "None" in the "Stack data" pane.
> When I have python assignment like:
> aVariable = self.aFunctionReturningValueOrNone()

Variables set to None should be displayed in the stack data pane.  Can 
you verify the aVariable is set to None via the debug probe?  If 
aVariable is being set to None, can you send us a bug report from Wing's 
help menu and check the box to include the error log with the report.


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