[wingide-users] Tab navigation in find dialog

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Fri May 20 13:16:07 EDT 2005

The plan is to allow the use of tab to change fields on all platforms. 
A way of specifying a new line, regardless of the type is also a good idea.



Russell E. Owen wrote:
> As a Mac user, my biggest remaining stumble with WingIDE (following the 
> superb recent release an aside from scrollwheel overshoot) is that <tab> 
> doesn't shift focus from the Find entry box to Replace (with all Replace 
> text selected, so I can just type in the new text).
> <tab> is Mac standard for going to the next text entry field and 
> <shift-tab> for going to the previous field. I think Windows is similar. 
> Is there a standard for unix x11 apps?
> In any case...any hope of <tab> and <shift-tab> support for switching 
> fields, at least on Mac?
> Of course this would require some way to enter a <tab> character other 
> than typing <tab>. So...how about \t? Right now that only works in regex 
> mode, but surely it could easily be made to work in any mode?
> That is the usual solution for Mac text editors. It seems to make good 
> cross-platform sense and matches python and C well.
> Also, in a related vein, any hope of \n meaning "generic end of line 
> character sequence" instead of having to figure out what kind of file 
> one is editing and using the approved sequence? (i.e. \r for Mac, \n for 
> unix and \n\r or is it \r\n for Windows, ugh).
> -- Russell
> *I could probably learn to use a different character, but I've not found 
> anything else that does that job. (Command-tab seems to work for some 
> fields, such as Replace, but it does NOT work for Find and there doesn't 
> seem to be an obvious "go backwards" equivalent).

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