[wingide-users] Tab navigation in find dialog

Russell E. Owen rowen at cesmail.net
Thu May 19 14:18:27 EDT 2005

As a Mac user, my biggest remaining stumble with WingIDE (following the 
superb recent release an aside from scrollwheel overshoot) is that <tab> 
doesn't shift focus from the Find entry box to Replace (with all Replace 
text selected, so I can just type in the new text).

<tab> is Mac standard for going to the next text entry field and 
<shift-tab> for going to the previous field. I think Windows is similar. 
Is there a standard for unix x11 apps?

In any case...any hope of <tab> and <shift-tab> support for switching 
fields, at least on Mac?

Of course this would require some way to enter a <tab> character other 
than typing <tab>. So...how about \t? Right now that only works in regex 
mode, but surely it could easily be made to work in any mode?

That is the usual solution for Mac text editors. It seems to make good 
cross-platform sense and matches python and C well.

Also, in a related vein, any hope of \n meaning "generic end of line 
character sequence" instead of having to figure out what kind of file 
one is editing and using the approved sequence? (i.e. \r for Mac, \n for 
unix and \n\r or is it \r\n for Windows, ugh).

-- Russell

*I could probably learn to use a different character, but I've not found 
anything else that does that job. (Command-tab seems to work for some 
fields, such as Replace, but it does NOT work for Find and there doesn't 
seem to be an obvious "go backwards" equivalent).

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