[wingide-users] Jython

Martijn Pieters mj at zopatista.com
Mon May 9 05:29:33 EDT 2005

Charles Hartman wrote:
> I tried just setting the Python executable, in Project Properties, to
> the path for jython (instead of pythonw). The program runs (though
> the output, which otherwise looks OK, ends with an error message,
> jython: illegal option -- u. I'm not sure where this comes from). But
> I can't debug at all. So far, my program doesn't call anything Java
> at all; it runs fine as Python. And it runs, without breakpoints, as
> Jython.

The Wing debug environment uses C extensions to be loaded into the
process to be debugged. I believe that Jython cannot load python C
extensions, which would mean you cannot use Wing to debug a Jython process.

Martijn Pieters

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