[wingide-users] Jython

Charles Hartman charles.hartman at conncoll.edu
Sun May 8 22:04:37 EDT 2005

Has anybody tried using WingIDE with Jython? I'm having to learn it  
because I need to talk to a large, specialized Java library. I can  
use jEdit or whatever -- but I want my Wing.

I tried just setting the Python executable, in Project Properties, to  
the path for jython (instead of pythonw). The program runs (though  
the output, which otherwise looks OK, ends with an error message,  
jython: illegal option -- u. I'm not sure where this comes from). But  
I can't debug at all. So far, my program doesn't call anything Java  
at all; it runs fine as Python. And it runs, without breakpoints, as  

Is this just a stupid thing to try to do? It would be nice to be able  
to build the whole Python part of this program in Wing, and fiddle  
with the Java-library interface later (in Xcode? in jEdit? in  

(Even if this worked, of course, I'd have the distasteful problem  
that the Python in Jython is really retro --around 2.1 or 2.2 in the  
current Jython 2.1 -- no enumerate(), no string.punctuation, no False  
or True . . .)

Charles Hartman

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