[wingide-users] Editor optimization patch

Ken Kinder ken at kenkinder.com
Thu Mar 31 18:36:05 EST 2005

Good patch. My editing experience has improved considerably.

Stephan Deibel wrote:

>There's a new patch that optimizes some aspects of the editor in
>Wing IDE 2.0.2 so that typing is faster.  It is patch #3 from
>this page:
>The patch reduces the number of times the IDE reanalyses indent
>style while editing files.  It was doing it far more than needed
>and the analysis is fairly costly in larger files.
>This patch also fixes failure to recognize mixed tab+space indent
>style in all non-Python files, something that could lead to
>confused auto-indentation.
>To install the patch, unpack it into your Wing IDE installation.  
>If using WinZip, be sure to leave the "Use Folder Names" option
>checked. On OS X, you need to unpack into Contents/MacOSX inside
>the Wing IDE.app folder (the thing that the finder shows as the
>double-clickable executable).  You know you've done it right if 
>Wing shows patch 03 in its About box after it is restarted.
>- Stephan
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