[wingide-users] Debug - exception - fix - stop - select file - debug: is there an easier way?

Jacob Lundqvist jaclu2 at galdrion.com
Wed Mar 30 19:12:07 EST 2005

Rene Pijlman wrote:
> I find myself repeating this sequence over and over again:
> 1. My file a.py is current. I hit "Debug".
> 2. An exception occurs in b.py. Wing raises b.py to the front.
>    That's good.
> 3. I fix my bug in b.py.
> 4. I hit "Stop".
> 5. I select a.py
> 6. I hit Debug.
> Is there a way to combine steps 4-6 in one easy keystroke?

If you select a.py as Main Debug File, you will always launch the same 
thing regardless of what file is active in the editor - that does away 
with 5.

Step 4 and 6 normaly have key-shortcuts - just look in the Debug menu, 
it can vary depending of your configuration

What I would do in my wing instead of your steps 4 - 6 is
Ctrl-C Ctrl-K F5

True that its not precicely one keystroke, but after 5-10 times it gets 
into your muscle-memory and you just think "restart" and it happens 
without thinking of what you actually do.

	regards /Jacob Lundqvist

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