[wingide-users] Indentation bug with 'pass'?

Rene Pijlman rene at lab.applinet.nl
Wed Mar 30 18:52:36 EST 2005

Wing IDE Support:
>Ah, I see.  You're expecting <tab> to do things it isn't designed
>to do in the default key mappings.  It indents the current line
>or selection to match the computed "correct" position of that
>line or range of lines.  The command name is indent-to-match.

Right, I wasn't aware of that.

>Use the Indent/Outdent items in the Indentation group of the
>Source menu (or more to the point, the key bindings for those
>commands) to alter indentation inward or outward when that's what
>you want instead.  The command names for these are indent-region
>and outdent-region.
>You can also change the key mappings from preferences if you want
>to change the tab key to just insert a tab or whatever.  The
>command name for inserting a tab is forward-tab.

Great! Thanks Stephan.

I customized Tab to indent-region. Now it behaves as I was
expecting for some unknown reason :-)

Regards / Groeten,  http://www.leren.nl
Rene Pijlman        http://www.applinet.nl

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