[wingide-users] Indentation bug with 'pass'?

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Wed Mar 30 18:21:52 EST 2005

On Thu, 31 Mar 2005, Rene Pijlman wrote:
> I wanted to type this:
> def a(b):
>     pass
>     # Todo: implement this such and so
> I know I can write this in 12 different ways, but I just found
> it somewhat annoying that Wing refused my <Tab>.

Ah, I see.  You're expecting <tab> to do things it isn't designed
to do in the default key mappings.  It indents the current line
or selection to match the computed "correct" position of that
line or range of lines.  The command name is indent-to-match.

Use the Indent/Outdent items in the Indentation group of the
Source menu (or more to the point, the key bindings for those
commands) to alter indentation inward or outward when that's what
you want instead.  The command names for these are indent-region
and outdent-region.

You can also change the key mappings from preferences if you want
to change the tab key to just insert a tab or whatever.  The
command name for inserting a tab is forward-tab.

We may change what the tab key does in certain future default key
bindings (like one trying to mimic Visual Studio, e.g.)

- Stephan

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