[wingide-users] Indentation bug with 'pass'?

Rene Pijlman rene at lab.applinet.nl
Wed Mar 30 17:36:22 EST 2005

Peter Mott:
>I think that Wing believes that after 'pass' you have finished with your
>function. Perhaps this is a little presumptious for a mere editor?

I think so, yes :-)

I understand it sometimes has to guess the most likely
indentation level. What annoys me is not so much its assumption
in this case, but the fact that typing <Tab> doesn't work.

>I get the same mildly irritating behaviour with:
>def a(b):
>   return b
>After <enter> ending the Comment the caret moves under # and tab won't work.

Well yes, but in this case you have manually unindented after
the def line. When you follow Wing's default behaviour with the
indented comment there's no problem.

>So I have to indent my comments, well perhaps I should :-)

Yeah, that's why Wing does it for you :-)

Regards / Groeten,  http://www.leren.nl
Rene Pijlman        http://www.applinet.nl

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