[wingide-users] Indentation bug with 'pass'?

Rene Pijlman rene at lab.applinet.nl
Wed Mar 30 17:10:01 EST 2005

When I type:

def a(b):<Enter>

The indentation level drops back to that of 'def' and when I
type Tab, Wing refuses to move the cursor to the indentation
level of 'pass'.

This looks like a bug to me. I wanted to type a statement
following 'pass' in this function.

A similar thing happens after:

if c:<Enter>

I'm using Wing 2.0.2-3 with Python 2.2 on Windows XP.

My indentation settings:

  Default Tab Size: 4
  Default Indent Size: 4
  Default Indent Style: Spaces only
  Show Indent Guides: yes
  Auto Indent: yes
  Show Mismatch Warning: yes

Regards / Groeten,  http://www.leren.nl
Rene Pijlman        http://www.applinet.nl

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