[wingide-users] Has anyone expirience with kinterbasdb and wingide?

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Mon Mar 28 11:08:33 EST 2005

Marcus Bajohr wrote:
>  From within WingIDE the same script raises following error:
> AttributeError: Connection instance has no attribute 'charset'
> ...
> If i lookup the stack, the charset is present everywhere.
> So, what's wrong??

This is an exception that should be ignored by checking the ignore 
exception checkbox in the exception tool when it is raised.  Wing's 
debugger attempts to stop when an exception is raised if it is not going 
to be handled by an except clause, but it cannot detect when certain 
exceptions will be handled.  Whether an exception is ignored or not will 
be stored in the project file so you will only need to specify this once.

More information on exception handling is at 

Thanks for trying Wing,


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