[wingide-users] Has anyone expirience with kinterbasdb and wingide?

Marcus Bajohr Marcus.Bajohr at mtsi.de
Sun Mar 27 08:28:07 EST 2005

Hi there!

First i like to introduce myself:

My name is Marcus Bajohr, i'm an employee in a small german company.
I am developing software with python since 2002.
Most parts of the software i have written until today are 
data-collectors, e.g. collecting active-direcory-data such as 
logon-logoff, printjobs and so on, putting those datasets into a 
database for creating invoices.

Ok, and here is my question:
As the subject announces, i am using the kinterbasd module for 
connecting the firebird-databases. From the commandline, from boa or 
from komodo, which i had checked a few months ago, i can run/debug the 
complete app with no problems. But if i try a simple script started from 
the wingide, i get some strange messages.

First some informations about the system:

It's a W2k, running python24, most interesting modules are:
-kinterbasdb 3.1.0 final and Firebird
-mxDateTime 2.0

this is a sample, working fine from the commandline and pyalamode, also 
from boa 0.4.0.:

import kinterbasdb


 From within WingIDE the same script raises following error:
AttributeError: Connection instance has no attribute 'charset'

Rückverfolgung (innerste zuletzt):

Datei "d:\devel\python\test1.py", Zeile 1, in ?
   import kinterbasdb
Datei "d:\devel\python\test1.py", Zeile 2, in ?
user='SYSDBA', password='masterkey', charset='ISO88591', dialect=3)
Datei "c:\Python24\Lib\site-packages\kinterbasdb\__init__.py", Zeile 
613, in __init__
   (dsn, dpb, dialect) = self._build_connect_structures(**source_dict)
Datei "c:\Python24\Lib\site-packages\kinterbasdb\__init__.py", Zeile 
697, in _build_connect_structures
   self.charset = (charset and charset) or None
Datei "c:\Python24\Lib\site-packages\kinterbasdb\__init__.py", Zeile 
1117, in __setattr__
   if hasattr(self, "charset"):
Datei "c:\Python24\Lib\site-packages\kinterbasdb\__init__.py", Zeile 
1076, in __getattr__
   raise AttributeError(

If i lookup the stack, the charset is present everywhere.
So, what's wrong??

bye, Marcus

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