[wingide-users] Bad interface feature

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Mon Mar 21 14:52:36 EST 2005

gary.h.merrill at gsk.com wrote:
> If you split an editor window, you get two sub-windows of the parent 
> window.  Each sub-window has its own top bar (don't know what better to 
> call it) which contains the forward and back arrows, dropdown menu for 
> classes, dropdown for splitting/merging, and an 'x' for closing the window.
> Alas, the 'x' does *not* mean "close this sub-widow".  It means "close 
> the parent window (and all sub-windows)".  This is quite 
> counter-intuitive (not to mention having an initially shocking result).

The 'x' to the right of the symbol menus (below the file name tabs) 
closes the current document.  It does this whether or not the window is 
split.  I can't reproduce it closing the top-level window when this 'x' 
is clicked.  Can you submit a bug report w/ an error-log so we can try 
to determine what went wrong?



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