[wingide-users] debugging ftp-PUT to Zope

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Fri Mar 18 11:58:01 EST 2005

Hans Friedrich wrote:
> I tried to set this up, but there is no .wingdbpw file in my User 
> Settings Directory.
> Where can I find it or which format do I have to use, to set it up?
> I'm working on OS X panther.

The file name is actually .wingdebugpw.  Are you looking with the 
finder?  I don't think the finder displays hidden files, but you should 
be able to see it in a terminal window with ls -al ~/.wingide2

Note that using wingdbstub is complicated by Zope's multiple threads. 
What you'll probably want to do is set things up so requests come in on 
a known thread and import wingdbstub on that thread.



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