[wingide-users] Custom script not working in 2.0.2

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Thu Mar 17 22:06:43 EST 2005

On Fri, 18 Mar 2005, [UTF-8] ZhangYue张岳 wrote:
> I've just installed wingIDE 2.0.2. ISTM that the custom script,
> which was put in WINGINSTALL/Scripts is not working.

Which script?  I'm not sure what you're seeing that indicates
something isn't working.  Submitting a bug report from the 
Help menu w/ error log included may give us some more info.

> I tried to change keymap.normal with Ctrl-X, then Ctrl-X was
> not responding after restart. So I think the hotkey map is OK,
> but the script was not loaded correctly.

Ctrl-X in normal keymap is 'cut', which has nothing to do with
scripting (it's an internally implemented command).  Sorry, I
also need more info here to understand what is going wrong.

By the way, using the User Interface / Keyboard / Custom Key
Bindings preference is usually a better way to override or add
key bindings than editing the keymap files.  The latter means you
need to track changes across upgrades of Wing (since they may
change the keymap files) and the preference deals with that for
you automatically.

Stephan Deibel

Wing IDE for Python
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