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Wed Mar 16 16:03:27 EST 2005

On Wed, 16 Mar 2005, Ken Kinder wrote:
> I think the only thing left that I really want in Wing is speed. 
> Sometimes when you type, it slows down. I tried adjusting various things 
> (like putting completion on a delay), but I was wondering if there is 
> any specific setting I can use to speed up the editor, or defer its 
> processing.
> Are there any plans to optimize parts of what scintilla interrupts it 
> uses in C?

I optimized some things in the editor before 2.0.2 but had to
stop short of fixing what I think is the most common cause of the
brief hanging that is still sometimes seen when working in the
editor:  This is due to work we do in the background to reanalyse
certain aspects of the source.  We're doing more work than we
need to and also doing too much of it in one chunk.

If you have a specific action that reproducibly seems slow, you
can use the editor commands profile-editor-start and
profile-editor-stop to get Wing to write profiling info to the
error-log file.  You need to execute this with the
command-by-name command, which is bound to Escape followed by X
(one after the other, not both at the same time).  The command
name is entered in the entry area at the bottom of the window.
This only works when the editor has focus and profiles just
the one editor instance.

On Windows, there are also some remaining optimizations we hope
to make in the GUI toolkit (gtk2).  These seem to be an issue
much more on some systems than others, possibly depending on
video hardware.  The more glitzy looking themes seem to pose a
problem in some cases even on non-Windows machines, possibly
due to the overhead of rendering lots of pixmaps.

In general, optimization is still an ongoing task as far as we're
concerned.  It's definately useful to get detailed feedback on
what exactly slows down and when, so we can be sure to focus
on those areas with the profiler.


Stephan Deibel

Wing IDE for Python
Advancing Software Development


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