[wingide-users] Wing IDE 2.0.2 Released

Ken Kinder ken at kenkinder.com
Sun Mar 13 23:40:46 EST 2005

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm giddy at the thought of 
scripting WingIDE without having to download the source code and be 
confused by it. :) I noticed your dialog for revision control implies 
future support for other version control systems. (Subversion?) It would 
be nice if your scripting api documentation explained -- perhaps -- how 
one could go about in developing a plugin for another revision control 

Also, I like your new auto-adding files to the project. Something that 
would be useful for me would also be pruning deleted files from the 
project AND adding new ones using some kind of regex. Some files, such 
as compiled templates, are never useful to add to the project, while 
others would be. ie; a rule that would say "Automatically add all files 
to the project matching these globs, and excepting these globs" would be 

I'm looking forward to using the new version! Being able to specify 
alternate indentation policies for different projects is especially 
nice. It's like Christmas for geeks.


Stephan Deibel wrote:

>We're pleased to announce the release of Wing IDE 2.0.2.  This is
>a free upgrade for Wing IDE 2.0 users.  The release can be
>downloaded from:
>Highlights of this release include:
>* Easier to use Zope and Plone integration
>    http://wingware.com/doc/howtos/zope
>* Extension of the IDE with Python scripts (Wing Pro only)
>    http://wingware.com/doc/scripting
>* CVS revision control system integration (Wing Pro only)
>    http://localhost/doc/edit/revision-control
>* Reorganized and expanded Project and File properties
>* Ability to view and change text file encodings
>* Per-project line ending and indentation policies
>* Option to automatically add new files to projects
>* Wing IDE Personal now includes the Indentation tool
>* Over 70 other improvements and bug fixes
>This release is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, and
>can be compiled from sources on *BSD, Solaris, and other Posix
>operating systems.
>A complete list of changes is available here:
>For more information see:
>Product Info:   http://wingware.com/products
>Sales:          http://wingware.com/store/purchase
>Upgrades:       http://wingware.com/store/upgrade
>The Wingware Team
>Wing IDE users list

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