[wingide-users] Wing IDE running error

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Sat Jun 25 09:32:18 EDT 2005

On Fri, 24 Jun 2005, Huaicai Mo wrote:
> Thank people from WingWare. I just got a license for the Wing IDE. I
> downloaded the Windows version and installed it. Everything seems fine, but
> when I run it. I got the Windows error reporting message box pops up, says:
> "wing.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the
> inconvenience.....". I attached an file for the screen shot.

Since it reports the problem is in pysource_impl.pyd, it *may* be that 
Wing's source analyser is crashing because of the content of a 
specific source file, either in your own code or one of the modules 
you're importing (directly or indirectly).  We haven't seen anything 
like this in a long time so we'ld be quite interested if you can 
isolate it into a reproducible test case, which you could do by not 
adding any files to your project and opening files one by one, 
starting w/ those that don't import anything or only import Python 
standard library modules (which most likely are not the cause).

You should be able to get back to a working state by moving or 
removing your project file.  You may also need to move or remove your 
User Settings directory which on Win XP is probably c:\Documents and 
Settings\${username}\Application Data\Wing IDE 2

I see the license dialog also, so you may want to enter your license 
first and then start opening/testing files.  If entering the license 
first fixes the problem, please let us know (I doubt this is the 
problem, but...)

If the above doesn't help, please let us know.

Thanks for reporting the problem.

Stephan Deibel

Wing IDE for Python
Advancing Software Development


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