[wingide-users] Bug fix for potential loss of file edits

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Tue Jun 21 15:55:32 EDT 2005

On Tue, 21 Jun 2005, Russell E. Owen wrote:
> Thank you very much. I was reluctant to use ~/.wingide2 because I was 
> afraid of future versions of WingIDE loading inappropriate patches. But 
> after unpacking one I realized my fears were groundless -- due to your 
> sensible directory layout.

I probably mentioned -- what we really need is a way to install patches 
from Wing w/o doing it manually...

> One minor suggestion: as you load each patch please consider noting the
> fact in the Messages window. I realize (after some hunting around) that
> you list them in About WingIDE... but Messages is a logical place to
> note startup actions and is likely to be the first place many folks look.

Good point, thanks for the suggestion.

- Stephan

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