[wingide-users] Bug fix for potential loss of file edits

Russell E. Owen rowen at cesmail.net
Tue Jun 21 14:29:57 EDT 2005

In article <42B3044D.1030808 at wingide.com>,
 John Ehresman <jpe at wingide.com> wrote:

> Russell E. Owen wrote:
> >>To install, unpack the patch into your Wing IDE installation directory 
> >>or your Wing settings directory, using WinZip, tar, or similar tool. In 
> >>WinZip, make sure you leave the Use Folder Names option checked so that 
> >>files are placed correctly in the hierarchy.
> > 
> > 
> > Might you say a bit more about how to install these patches on MacOS X? 
> > I'm guessing the top-level unpacked directory ("patches") should go into 
> > WingIDE/Contents/MacOS. But it's only a guess. (I did look in the 
> > manual, by the way, but didn't find the word "patch" in the contents and 
> > didn't look further).
> On OS X, they either go in Wing IDE.app/Contents/MacOS or in 
> ~/.wingide2.  In the finder, you can bring up the context menu for the 
> Wing IDE application and select 'Show Package Contents' to display the 
> directories inside the application.  Alternatively, you can use tar in a 
> terminal window to unpack the patch.
> On all platforms, the pathnames of the Wing IDE install directory and 
> the user settings directory are available in the about box.

Thank you very much. I was reluctant to use ~/.wingide2 because I was 
afraid of future versions of WingIDE loading inappropriate patches. But 
after unpacking one I realized my fears were groundless -- due to your 
sensible directory layout.

One minor suggestion: as you load each patch please consider noting the 
fact in the Messages window. I realize (after some hunting around) that 
you list them in About WingIDE... but Messages is a logical place to 
note startup actions and is likely to be the first place many folks look.

Thanks again for the patches and the install info.

-- Russell

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