[wingide-users] Bug fix for potential loss of file edits

John Ehresman jpe at wingide.com
Fri Jun 17 13:11:41 EDT 2005

Russell E. Owen wrote:
>>To install, unpack the patch into your Wing IDE installation directory 
>>or your Wing settings directory, using WinZip, tar, or similar tool. In 
>>WinZip, make sure you leave the Use Folder Names option checked so that 
>>files are placed correctly in the hierarchy.
> Might you say a bit more about how to install these patches on MacOS X? 
> I'm guessing the top-level unpacked directory ("patches") should go into 
> WingIDE/Contents/MacOS. But it's only a guess. (I did look in the 
> manual, by the way, but didn't find the word "patch" in the contents and 
> didn't look further).

On OS X, they either go in Wing IDE.app/Contents/MacOS or in 
~/.wingide2.  In the finder, you can bring up the context menu for the 
Wing IDE application and select 'Show Package Contents' to display the 
directories inside the application.  Alternatively, you can use tar in a 
terminal window to unpack the patch.

On all platforms, the pathnames of the Wing IDE install directory and 
the user settings directory are available in the about box.


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