[wingide-users] Module description display?

gary.h.merrill@gsk.com gary.h.merrill at gsk.com
Wed Jun 15 13:24:46 EDT 2005

Ick!!  No wonder I missed it.  With the new tabbed window implementation, 
of course the Source Assistant is obscured when you click on something in 
the Project Window (unless you've got two tool boxes up and happen to have 
the Source Assistant displayed in one while the Project tree is displayed 
in the other).

I'd urge splitting the Project window into two:  displaying the tree in 
one and the module doc string in the other -- basically going back to the 
old implementation for this feature.  It's "user abuse" (to borrow 
Cooper's term) to make the user have to flick back and forth between 
windows to see his doc strings as he clicks on the project modules (or to 
have to configure his window set-up to try to maintain the ability to see 
both windows simultaneously.   I know that you can "fake it" by splitting 
the tool box, but this does impose additional requirements on the user, 
and the doc string is still decoupled from the Project window, and so 
either you have to keep the Source Assistant on top all the time or 
your're still going to end up with the doc not being displayed when the 
Project is displayed.  Not a good situation.    The previous incarnation 
was very nice, fast, easy to use, and behaved according to expectations. 

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15-Jun-2005 13:03
gary.h.merrill at gsk.com
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Re: [wingide-users] Module description display?

gary.h.merrill at gsk.com wrote:
> What ever happened to the feature (in V1) where a triple-quoted string 
> starting a file would be taken as a module description and displayed in 
> a window under the project display?  I just noticed this appears to be 
> missing in V2 -- or have I failed to see something?

The module doc string is now displayed in the source assistant when you
click on a python file in the project tree.


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