[wingide-users] Incremental development

Stan Pinte stan at phidani.be
Tue Jun 14 09:55:57 EDT 2005

konrad.hinsen at laposte.net wrote:

>I have been using WingIDE for a few weeks now, and I find it very 
>valuable for debugging my applications. However, I note that I hardly 
>use it to develop new code, and I wonder if that's because of some 
>oversight - I can't claim to have read the manual cover to cover.
>My typical mode of development is best described as incremental. I 
>start writing a script that will include both new classes and testing 
>code, with the idea of factoring out the classes into modules once the 
>code is reasonably stable. I feed the code that I write in small chunks 
>to a Python interpreter as I write it, and then I run interactive 
>checks before writing and testing the next chunk (all this using Emacs' 
>Python mode). If something crashes, I fix the code and resubmit the 
>changed parts to the interpreter.
>I would love to do all this inside WingIDE, but it seems that I always 
>have to run the complete script, I can't just execute successive parts 
>of it under debugger control. Considering that my scripts often do some 
>lengthy computation in the beginning (e.g. loading a big protein 
>structure, which can easily take a minute or two), having to start from 
>scratch for every change slows down development beyond my patience.
what you ask is in my opinion very useful:

select a block of code -> right click -> eval into interpreter



>Any ideas?
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