[wingide-users] Using Wing IDE under Mac OSX

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Mon Jun 13 11:10:00 EDT 2005

On Mon, 13 Jun 2005, Ralf Wieseler wrote:
> Hello! I baught an WING IDE Licence for two OS. after using Wing IDE
> very succsessfully under windows 2000, i installed it on my Mac.
> Using Apples X11 im not able to use my apple Keyboard for Python. I
> found no way to generate the character " [ " in the Editor.
> also the shortcuts for copy and paste dont work.
> I tried to configure X11 as discribed in the wing IDE Documentation,
> but without any result.

Are you using version 2.0.3 or an earlier one?  If not 2.0.3, try upgrading 
and selecting the OS X keyboard mapping from the User Interface / Keyboard 
/ Personality preference.  You may also need to undo any xmodmap changes,
if you made some.  The current OS X how-to describes all you should need
to do:


I mention this because there were recent changes in how the keyboard is
set up on OS X.

If this doesn't solve it, please let us know.  We've seen one other case 
where X11 on OS X 10.4 send wrong key codes to Wing when used w/ some types 
of keyboards (I think some subset of non-US/english ones).  We have a gross 
hack that works around this for the case we have seen (and we can send it 
to you if you want to try it) but are still trying to figure out why the 
key codes are completely wrong for many keys.

They guy that worked on this may have additional comments once he sees this 
email... please let me know if the above helps or not.

Thanks for using Wing.

Stephan Deibel

Wing IDE for Python
Advancing Software Development


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