[wingide-users] code analysis (go to definition)

Stan Pinte stan at phidani.be
Wed Jun 8 10:59:38 EDT 2005

Wingware Support wrote:

> Stan Pinte wrote:
>> I of course made a typo in my email, because "def class X:" would not 
>> be accepted by the python interpreter...
>> --> even with the good syntax, the "cannot infer type" is present.
> This does work for me, at least in my simple test case.  Are the files 
> in the same directory or in your PYTHONPATH?  Does anything appear in 
> the source assistant tool?

actually, it happens with classes defined above in the file hierarchy....

let's say:


if d.py defines "class X(Y):" and a.py defines "class Y", it won't work.

Thanks for the help,


> Thanks,
> John

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