[wingide-users] Code folding - Possible enhancement request

Ron Provost ronpro at cox.net
Sun Jul 3 13:06:16 EDT 2005

With me, code folding is a love/hate relationship.  Personally, I feel that code folding is just about the greatest thing since sliced bread.  It makes browsing my code so much easier by hiding the gory details.  But, in every editor I've used, including WingIDE, it is rampant with seemingly easily-repairable annoyances.  The two most basic offenders I shall not fail to mention here.  Now, before I do so I admit that the source browser provides pretty much the same functionality, without the quirks; but then one could counter:  why have code-folding at all.

Gripe 1:  Why aren't my most recent folds saved in the project file and restored the next time I load the project?

Gripe 2:  Why isn't there a smarter folding mechanism?  Under the source menu, selecting the Structural Folding cascade, I see a few fold options, but nothing which takes Python syntactical knowledge into consideration.  Isn't Wing a Python editor?  How about a, "Fold all Functions"?  I'de like to be able to go into a file and be able to see just the function headers, or just the class defs, or just the class defs each followed by a list of method headers (methods folded), any of which I can expand manually to reveal the details.

I'm not just picking on WingIDE.  I love Wing.  In fact, a colleague and I have recently completed a survey of Python development environments and have determined that Wing is the best choice for the kinds of needs we have in our organization.  We have reccommended that our organization consider it as the Python development environment of choice (and consequently buy licenses for the department).  Code folding in all editing environments has been a pet peeve of mine because it seems to have so much potential.  Yet after years of having it available to me in editor after editor, I have yet to see much advancement in what can be done with it.  I have many more 'wishes' in terms for folding and code editing, but these two items mentioned above are far ahead of any other issues I have in terms of importance.

Thanks for your time.

Ron Provost
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