[wingide-users] Match objects etc

Dave Aitel dave at immunitysec.com
Sun Jan 16 12:26:48 EST 2005

Charles Hartman wrote:

> On Jan 15, 2005, at 11:24 PM, Dave Aitel wrote:
>> Charles Hartman wrote:
>>> Is there any way -- *could* there be any way? -- to look inside 
>>> things like SRE Match objects and Pattern objects? It would be 
>>> handy, during debugging, to be able to consult things like 
>>> pattern.group(), pattern.span(), without inserting dummy variables 
>>> in the code to make them explicit.
>> Can't you just pop up the debug window and have those expressions 
>> evaluated?
>> -dave
> Well, I don't think so. No expansion triangle beside it (unlike, say, 
> a list). Double-clicking gives a message saying debug-watch isn't 
> available (because I'm using Personal), but that's not what I want 
> anyway. It looks as though a Match object falls under what Help calls 
> Opaque Data, though I'm not really clear why. Am I, as so often, 
> missing something really obvious?

What you want is the "Interactive Debug Probe". Check under "Windows" to 
see if you can find it. Then you can execute arbitrary python 
expressions as if you were in the current stack frame. I use this often 
to debug programs which have overridden methods that fool the Wing debugger.


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