[wingide-users] wings usability

Dave Aitel dave at immunitysec.com
Thu Jan 13 22:54:19 EST 2005

Brian Almond wrote:

>On Thu, 13 Jan 2005 18:36:23 -0500, Dave Aitel <dave at immunitysec.com> wrote:
>>Although, keep in mind us lonely WingIDE users on Windows who want it to
>>work exactly like Emacs. :>
>I think you've got a better shot at that than those of us who might
>want it to work like vim :)
Well, honestly, most of my employees want it to work like vim too, which 
means I want it to work like vim, cause I want the whole company on the 
same editor. Largely because I want to make everyone's code look exactly 
the same, and have no wacky tab/space issues.

So count me in a couple votes for a vim personality too. :>

Egads. XP SP2 just bluescreened on me. It's not wing's fault, but I 
still don't get how people use this OS for real work. :>


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