[wingide-users] wings usability

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Thu Jan 13 19:19:17 EST 2005

M. Werner wrote:
> The case about Dannys mail is usability. You told him, that even Windows 
> users can get used to mini search. Shure can we  - but thats not the point. 
> Mini search does not fit Dannys working habits (nor does it mines). When 

I'm sorry if you got the impression that I was suggesting Danny use 
mini-search.  My intention was to ask him if placing the current search 
tool closer to the editor would improve the situation and to suggest 
that there is some use for the mini-search, even if it is a bit foreign 
to non-emacs users.

> I'm searching for someting, I almost always know what I'm looking for. 
> Placing the Cursor on a word, pressing ctrl-F3 to find the next occurence, 
> then F3 to find the next (or shift-F3 for the previous) is exactly what I 
> need to san the file for all the uses of the search token. ctrl-f should 
> open a dialog box where I can enter my search text (plain or as regular 
> expression). From then on F3 should work as above. Usability counts, not 
> features.

The Ctrl-F3, F3, and Ctrl-F key equivalents all should bring up the 
search tool and search as you describe above.  Currently Wing doesn't 
bring up a simplified dialog because the search can be done with the 
search tool and I would prefer not to add another search interface. 
This may change based on this and other feedback.

> Originaly I wanted to complain about a lot of ohter things, like key 
> bindings which make no sense under Windows, GUI-Layout, menu structure, 
> non-english keyboards and so on. But the mail may got to long und eventualy 
> too boring for the mayority of wingide-users. Drop me a mail if you are 
> interessted in a usability study of wingide. My opinions as multy IDE user 
> might be of interrest for you.

I'd like to hear your feedback, either on or off the mailing list.  We 
want to find out what users find useful and not-so-useful and we do try 
to incorporate the suggestions into future versions of Wing.

Thanks for taking the time to write,


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