[wingide-users] wings usability

Dave Aitel dave at immunitysec.com
Thu Jan 13 18:36:23 EST 2005

M. Werner wrote:

>Ok, you may opose, that mini search has exelent usability for you, cause 
>you are used to work with emacs. Thats fine, but we are Windows user and we 
>too like to have it the way we'r used to.
>I regulary work with two C-Compiler for embedded systems, each of them with 
>his own IDE. Most offten I develop C code with Visual C++ which has its own 
>IDE too. Writing some Java code in JBuilder adds another one, and last but 
>not least Python code with Wingide and sometimes SciTE - that sums up to 
>six IDEs which I'm using more or less regularly.
>As you can imagin, with six IDEs even such a thing as a search funktion can 
>drive you mad.
Although, keep in mind us lonely WingIDE users on Windows who want it to 
work exactly like Emacs. :>


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