[wingide-users] wings usability

M. Werner werner-informatik at bluewin.ch
Thu Jan 13 18:17:28 EST 2005

Hi John,
this mail was triggered by the mail from Danny Bloemendaal (Searching still 
not superb) also I was near by sending a mail anyhow.

First and foremost let me say that I like wingide. It's absolutely second 
to none for Python developement. Sure it is sometimes slow - no big deal - 
I'm willing to buy a faster PC with plenty of RAM next month or so, to 
speed things up.

The case about Dannys mail is usability. You told him, that even Windows 
users can get used to mini search. Shure can we  - but thats not the point. 
Mini search does not fit Dannys working habits (nor does it mines). When 
I'm searching for someting, I almost always know what I'm looking for. 
Placing the Cursor on a word, pressing ctrl-F3 to find the next occurence, 
then F3 to find the next (or shift-F3 for the previous) is exactly what I 
need to san the file for all the uses of the search token. ctrl-f should 
open a dialog box where I can enter my search text (plain or as regular 
expression). From then on F3 should work as above. Usability counts, not 

Ok, you may opose, that mini search has exelent usability for you, cause 
you are used to work with emacs. Thats fine, but we are Windows user and we 
too like to have it the way we'r used to.
I regulary work with two C-Compiler for embedded systems, each of them with 
his own IDE. Most offten I develop C code with Visual C++ which has its own 
IDE too. Writing some Java code in JBuilder adds another one, and last but 
not least Python code with Wingide and sometimes SciTE - that sums up to 
six IDEs which I'm using more or less regularly.
As you can imagin, with six IDEs even such a thing as a search funktion can 
drive you mad.

Originaly I wanted to complain about a lot of ohter things, like key 
bindings which make no sense under Windows, GUI-Layout, menu structure, 
non-english keyboards and so on. But the mail may got to long und eventualy 
too boring for the mayority of wingide-users. Drop me a mail if you are 
interessted in a usability study of wingide. My opinions as multy IDE user 
might be of interrest for you.

And - as I told you at the beginning - I realy like wingide.

Max Werner

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