[wingide-users] Searching still not superb

Danny Bloemendaal Danny.Bloemendaal at companion.nl
Thu Jan 13 04:29:15 EST 2005

Hi folks,

I still think searching is not what it could be in 2.0.1. I know it's
been discussed before and I still feel that there is something that
gives me a feeling like "oh, mm, need to search again, pfff, what was
the way to go...?"

I work with dual monitor and I have my code on one screen and the search
toolbox on another. When I want to search and press ctrl-f, I have to
look to the other screen and back to my code etc. I want my search box
right in front of me and quick and simple. Since everything already in
Wing is slow (too slow!), search is a pain. It should be quick and fast.
The interface is too difficult and I have to keep wondering how to do
Mini search doesn't solve this either. In fact, mini-search makes things
worse, UI wise. It adds lots of new commands and concepts. I always have
to look in the menus to see what mini search exactly allows me to do (2
levels deep in the menu, not handy) and when I do a mini search, F3
doesn't know about it afterwards a (why are there two 'search
selection's at all?) 
Also, the mini search imideately starts searching while I type. First
that makes typing a pain (it's already slow and this makes it even
slower), second, I lose track of where I am. If I want to search for
some text in the current function and while typing my search text, I
might have some text momentarily that is way elsewhere so I jump out of
my function to god knows where! Bad usability. 
If you want to do such a search then look at how FireFox does this. I
think that is much easier.

Please please please, just make a simple popup search window, in front
of my code, where I can type my search text (no fancy search while you
type), press enter and voila, jump to the first hit. Perhaps you can
have a few common switches on the popup window (wrap search, case
sensitive, close on found, search entire project(!), etc). Simple as
that. That's how other apps (that I've used) do it and that's what
works. If you want fancy search stuff, then use the search toolwindow.  

Perhaps we should discuss this further. 

Danny Bloemendaal.
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