[wingide-users] Auto completion box has no highlight

Peter Butler peter.butler at 141.com
Mon Feb 21 15:18:17 EST 2005

> > The highlighting is theme dependent; it's the same color as the selected 
> > row in the project view (and other lists/trees) when the keyboard focus 
> > is in the editor.  We realize that this can be difficult to see, 
> > particularly on LCD screens, and are looking into improving its visibility.
> The theme can be changed from the User Interface / Display Theme 
> preference, in case you didn't see that already.  If that doesn't
> help, please let us know.

Thanks for your replies.  I've tried changing the theme but I don't see
any change in the UI.  When I select a new theme and press "OK" or
"Apply" the colours remain as they are, and I am still unable to see the
highlight in the code completion box (or any other list).  I've tried
restarting the IDE and running as root, but neither of these worked.  

>From the error_log it looks like the theme is being picked up:

wingide - 2005/02/22 09:12:06 - Non-default value for gui.display-theme
at None line 5
wingide - 2005/02/22 09:12:06 -   Default= None
wingide - 2005/02/22 09:12:06 -   Value= WinXP-Silver

Any ideas on how I can make this work?



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