[wingide-users] Modifying Wing IDE Menu?

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Mon Feb 21 12:48:55 EST 2005

On Mon, 21 Feb 2005 gary.h.merrill at gsk.com wrote:
> I have now switched over to using V2 and am getting fairly comfortable 
> with the differences and new layout.  One thing that I would like to 
> change is what appears in the primary menu.  I use "one window per editor" 
> and there are several things that I'd rather not have appearing in the 
> menu.  The problem is that because of the number of items displayed 
> (including things like Indent, Dedent, Match Indent, and various editing 
> commands [unnecessary since the usual mouse/keyboard support is in 
> place]), the menu requires two lines at the top of my window when the 
> debugger is running (to accommodate Step Into, Step Over, etc.).  And by 
> the way -- the window doesn't expand itself to display this extra row if 
> you happen to have sized it smaller.
> Is there any way to configure which buttons will appear in the menu and 
> which will not?  I'd love to get rid of all the editing commands, 
> indent/dedent, etc.

The toolbar contents are not (yet) configurable.  You can of
course configure it to omit text and use small icons -- does that

If not, it is possible and fairly easy to drop in a source file
and modify it.  If you want to do that, please email us at
support at wingware.com and we'll send you want you need.

- Stephan

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