[wingide-users] Some thoughts on Wingide

Ken Kinder ken at kenkinder.com
Wed Feb 9 15:11:08 EST 2005

Brian Almond wrote:

>At times I've noticed code completion slow down to the point at which
>my typing output was reduced at times to 3-4 seconds per character. 
>Most of my current development time is spent on a project using
>wxPython and Twisted (which may be relevant).
I too have quite a fast computer, write twisted software, and have 
noticed this -- although it bothers me less.

>Folding:  It would be great to have a context menu item for expand
I've felt this too. Although I would prefer some kind of key binding for 
quickly folding to specific levels. It's extremely unlikely that I want 
all the for loops closed, but having the classes and methods closed IS 
useful. So if there were a quick way to "fold level 2" or "fold level 3" 
from any state, it would be nice.


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