[wingide-users] Some thoughts on Wingide

Brian Almond almondb at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 13:31:18 EST 2005

Over the last couple weeks I've been using Wingide more heavily than
in the past, and have had a few issues.  Most of them are small but
cut down on my enjoyment of the IDE.

At times I've noticed code completion slow down to the point at which
my typing output was reduced at times to 3-4 seconds per character. 
Most of my current development time is spent on a project using
wxPython and Twisted (which may be relevant).  This is perf issue is
unacceptable and surprising on a reasonably fast system like mine. 
Please educate me if there are ways to improve this w/o disabling code
completion entirely.

I'm still not comfortable with the way the projects work.  Perhaps
I've been too affected by working with Microsoft and other vendor's
IDEs.  I think my main hangup is the implicit save action when closing
projects and or the IDE.  Sometimes I may be quickly wanting to close
my current project and take a quick look at a separate file, and then
close Wingide and do something else.  If I'm not paying attention, I
end up closing the project, and viewing the file, but inadvertently
add the file to the default project (which is rarely useful to me).

At times Wingide seems to think that I should be at a different indent
level than what I'm using, and then refuses to tab to that indent.  At
this very moment, I have a method definition I'm trying to input, and
after typing the "def" line (complete with trailing colon) and hitting
return, it goes to the fourth tab stop on the next line.  I can
backspace to the third tab stop, but a further backspace returns me to
the first column.  Pressing the tab key takes me back to the fourth
tab stop. Spacing out to the correct indent and completing a line at
that indent appears to clear up the issue, in this case.  However, if
I go back to the end of the def line and hit return, it once again
goes back to tab stop 4.

Here's another thing I've noticed which is small but may be worth
tweaking.   Say you have a block of text indented to the first tab
stop, as part of a class or function def.  If you move the cursor to
the start position (text start) on one of these rows, and hit a
return, a new line is inserted and your cursor moves down with the
text.  (good)   When you hit the up arrow, instead of staying in the
same column the cursor jumps to the beginning of that line. 
Interestingly if you immediately cursor back to your position before
doing the cursor up, and do it again, the behavior is different - your
cursor will be one row up, at the same column position.

Folding:  It would be great to have a context menu item for expand
full.  This is an operation I use often while browsing code and it
would be nice to have it in a menu for mouse use as well as via a key
binding.  Another very small thing that would be nice is to have fold
closures and openings to keep the line with focus in the same place on
the screen after the operation.  Currently depending on where you are
in your file, and which folds you're opening and closing, the line
you're looking at when you make the fold operation moves elsewhere.

And finally, edit window bookmarking features and browser window
support (for HTML documentation) would be additional nice things to

Sorry for the flood.  I meant to send some of these in earlier but I
got too busy.


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