FW: [wingide-users] Patch for crashing in shells and I/O tool

Smith, Frank F.Smith at telesat.ca
Thu Feb 3 16:45:15 EST 2005


I've installed all 4 patches but under <help, About> the list of
installed patches only shows "02,04". I'm on Window XP, Wing IDE
Personal 2.0.1. Perhaps these don't pertain to my version? Just curious
... Works great ...


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Some users have reported seeing Wing 2.0.1 crash when working in the
Python Shell, Debug Probe, and Debug I/O tools.  The following patch
fixes this problem, which occured during certain operations when one of
these tools contained more than 1000 


To install this, unpack it into the top level of your Wing IDE 2.0.1
installation and restart Wing.  If using Winzip, keep the "Use Folder
Names" option checked on.  Once restarted, Wing should show patch "04"
in the list of installed patches in the About box (in Help menu).

Some additional patches for this release are available here:



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