[wingide-users] retirement of installed copies

Jacob Lundqvist jaclu2 at galdrion.com
Tue Feb 1 15:54:11 EST 2005

since you started to register each installed copy maybe it would be good 
also to have a retirement of installations option via the web.

For instance, I almost always install my wing on client-site servers to 
be able to do post-install debuging of apps.

Next week Im about to retire a w2k server at a client-site and replace 
it with a linux server.

Same goes for all the vmware sessions I keep reinstalling - they eat up 
licenses real quikly...

Instead of now  having used up two licenses, wouldnt it make sence if I 
could release the no-longer needed license, otherwise I sooner or later 
once again will end up being irritated at you guys when I sit at a 
client site and find that I run out of installments and need to run in 
10-minute mode.

Both frustrating to wait for mail from you due to TZ differences, and 
also emarasing when the client happens to see me restarting wing and 
asks if they dont pay me well enough to be able to purchase my 
devel-environment :(

Also it doesnt give you that warn fuzzy feeling if I have to "beg" for 
licenses every now and then, after all I did pay for the product.

Another option would be to ditch the current restricted installment 
alotment, and instead do a four step procedure:

1. I install wing on a new system, enter my license number, this is 
mailed to your server, this system is granted a 1 day temporary license
2. You check the mailadr I registred with on purchase and send out a 
automatic notificaion
3. Wich I accept and return (agreeing to all kinds of mumbo-yumbo legaleese)
4. Now next time I start the newly installed system it checks your 
server and is granted a permanent license.

This way you dont have to manually bother if I run wing on 2 or 12 
different systems, and you still have some control, since I have 
accepted the new system with my emailadr. If I sudenly registred 10 
systems you could always send a nice letter asking me whats up ;)

Your current license system is clearly not suitable for people working 
with network-computing, since you seem to asume that your customers only 
run wing on one or two systems.

One option would of course be to ditch wing and convert to eric to solve 
all this, but I really prefer wing, so I rather stick to your product.

	regards /Jacob Lundqvist

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