[wingide-users] MacOS X on Intel?

Charles Hartman charles.hartman at conncoll.edu
Sat Dec 31 13:19:05 EST 2005

This is probably a dumb question -- but will this increase the  
possibility of getting a non-X11 version for OSX?

Charles Hartman

On Dec 31, 2005, at 12:19 PM, Wingware Support wrote:

> We'll port Wing to OS X/Intel after the Apple machines become  
> available,
> whenever that may be.  This should be an easy port because most of  
> Wing
> is cross-platform to begin with.
> As far as licensing, we'll treat OS X/Intel as the same OS as OS X/PPC
> so existing OS X license will work on OS X/Intel machines.
> John
> Luc Bourhis wrote:
>> Hello there,
>> as consumer Apple Intel machines seem poised to be released very   
>> soon,
>> I was wondering about Wingware policy concerning that new  platform.
>> Will there be an officially supported MacOS X Intel  version? If so,
>> when? What would be the upgrade cost for current  MacOS X registered
>> users? That last issue is rather a moot one for if  I were to get an
>> Intel Mac, WingIDE would be one the first software I  would  
>> install on
>> it anyway!
>> Thanks,
>> Luc Bourhis
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