[wingide-users] Small issue with the help browser

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Mon Dec 5 10:52:20 EST 2005

Stephan Tolksdorf wrote:
> I stumbled over a small problem with the help browser (Win XP): if the 
> vertical height of the help browser window is smaller than the height of 
>   a displayed image one will get stuck at the display's location when 
> trying to scroll up with the "Page up" key (after having scrolled down 
> past the image).

This small issue looks like it has been fixed in our development sources.

> A nice feature would be if one could use the left and right arrows to 
> browse "back" and "forward" like in a normal browser.

You can use alt-left and alt-right to go back and forward.  These keys 
work both in the help viewer and in the editor.  We'll look into adding 
mappings for left/right in the help viewer.



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